Rev. Dennis J. Bennett

Co-Founder of CRA

Rev. Dennis J. Bennett was an influential preacher, teacher, and leader in the Charismatic Movement.  Ordained as an Episcopal Priest, he sparked turmoil in his parish in 1960 when he preached an unexpected sermon on his experience receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues.  Amidst challenges and criticism of his testimony from vestry and parishioners, he resigned from his congregation.  He subsequently accepted an invitation to serve as vicar at St. Luke's Episcopal Parish in Seattle, WA where he stayed for many years, ushering in the Charismatic Renewal in the Episcopal Church and beyond.

Following the death of his wife Elberta in 1963, Dennis met and married Rita in 1966.  Together they founded CRA in 1968 and embarked upon a ministry of Spirit-filled teaching and healing, lasting the full 25 years of their marriage until his passing in 1991.  

Dennis authored a number of influential books which are still widely in use in seminary courses today, particularly his seminal works "Nine O'Clock In The Morning" and "The Holy Spirit and You", co-authored with Rita.