Diana Ingle

President & CEO

Diana Ingle is the current president and CEO of CRA - Restore.  Since 2008, Diana Ingle has been the founder and leader of CRA New Zealand, setting up an organizational structure and a team to grow the ministry there and overseas.  Diana has visited the US numerous times, teaching and leading a variety of CRA courses including The Holy Spirit and You, Emotionally Free (Basic and Advanced Courses), and Emotionally Free Professional Course.  During this time, founder Rita Bennett mentored Diana, and in 2015 Rita and the CRA Board appointed Diana as her successor. 

In March 2021, Diana came to the US to be Rita's companion during her final days, and to transition into the leadership of CRA USA.  Diana was with Rita when she went to Heaven.

In respect for Dennis and Rita's original vision for the ministry, Diana and the CRA - Restore Board will continue the ministry's focus on the importance of bringing people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and equipping the Body of Christ for ministry through Inner Healing and Deliverance.

Rita was blessed with a special mission of bringing inner healing ministry to thousands of people worldwide.  It will be the continued mission of CRA - Restore to present all of her healing courses, online and in person, training prayer counselors across the globe to bring God's healing to the nations.
Diana is still based in New Zealand but visits the USA regularly for Board Meetings and Ministry, splitting her time between these 2 countries and other international destinations as needed to grow and nurture the ministry.